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June 30, 2010

Home Management Binder

I finally made one that I LOVE and that I’ll actually use! The sections that I use are: Schedules, Lists, Calendar, Recipes and Shopping Lists, Bibles Studies, Notes, Contacts. Within these sections are tabbed papers; especially in the Lists and Bible Studies sections. Here are a few pictures of it.


DSCF4414 DSCF4415 DSCF4416

DSCF4417 DSCF4418 DSCF4419

I really find that having a binder helps me stay on top of what I need to do. Also, if I’ve “called in sick” my husband is able to pick up the next thing that needs to be done. 🙂 Do you have a home management binder? Do you use a different system? I would love to hear about it!

May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

May 11, 2010

Happy birthday mom!!!!

61 years ago, my mom was born. She is a great teacher both in and out of the classroom. She has inspired me in so many ways. She is a strong woman. Happy birthday mom. I love you!

Mom and Dad bring me home! 🙂 (They chose me 30 years ago!!!)

April 26, 2010

Eli’s paintings

Eli wanted to paint with his new paints and easel his Nana got him for his birthday. So I set him up in the backyard just outside the kitchen so that I could clean the kitchen and keep an eye on him.


And of course, the ONE minute I leave the kitchen. I find the dog sitting there like this. haha
April 22, 2010

My baby girl

y♥I just had to share!! She just started blowing bubbles/raspberries!! ♥

April 21, 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday

OK, so I decided to tackle the ‘formal dining room’, well the area that is supposed to be a formal dining room. We aren’t really formal dining room type people so we don’t use it as that. Eventually when we own a home I would like to buy furniture to match my grandmother’s hutch, but until then it’s a play area.

It was where the pack ‘n’ play was where we would change Charlotte’s diaper. I’ve wanted a play room that wasn’t Eli’s bedroom, so I took down the pack ‘n’ play and added toys. 🙂 Now If only I can keep today’s momentum going and get another area done! I do find that blogging about my organizing adventures motivates me a bit.



And a couple of the kids just because.

April 6, 2010

Something Crafty – Welcome board

BOTH of the kids were actually asleep at the same time today!!! I was able to make this. It was a spur of the moment project that I’m not totally in love with. It’s hanging on the wall in front of our door, so people see it when they first come in. It still needs to dry and I’m sure i’ll add some embellishments to it. I used Mod Podge and I’m not sure I’m liking the look. I think I should have just used regular scrapbooking glue. Anyway, here it is. I hope it inspired you to do something crafty!

April 2, 2010

Jumperoo…then and now

I had to share this. Eli LOVED this thing when he was little. Jan 2008 (1year 9mo.)
and now…I brought it out for Charlie and found him like this. LOL (2weeks shy of 3years)
March 28, 2010

A sad day

Our dog, Sammy (13yrs, chihuahua/terrier mix), had been missing for a few hours. I’m out of town with the kids and my husband is home alone without a car. He had text me that she had been gone a while. I suggested that he called around to some pet hospitals. He called Bradshaw Animal Hospital and they said they had a dog that matched the description that was brought in. There wasn’t anything they could do to save her. She passed away at the hospital. We sent them a picture of Sammy and they are 98% sure it is her. 😦 my husband is going tomorrow after church to identify her.
eta: He did go to the vet and identify her…it was her. My husband had her all her life.
March 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday