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July 1, 2010

Being a SAHM: What I like most….

is the smile on my children’s faces when they wake up in the morning! This is the best possible gift I could get from my children. They know that mommy is here for them. They enjoy being with me….for the time being. (they are 3years and 6mo)

This is what I think of when my 3year old is driving me up the walls. In the midst of a melt down the other day, after a time out, little mr. came to me and said “mommy you da bestest.” with a big ol’ hug! Oh it melted my heart and I promptly forgot why he was in trouble. Times like these I cherish. As I know when he gets older he’ll  (both of them actually) get to a point where he will no longer want to be near me. He’ll be screaming “I hate you.” while slamming his door. (Im hoping I raise him with enough respect to not do this, but him being my son…it’s bound to happen.)

My birthday was the other day and they and big Mr. made me a card. on the inside it had both of their foot prints and big Mr. wrote “When mommy turned 30, our feet were this big.” My son also drew a picture of batman! This is the best birthday gift I have ever recieved!!!


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