Sunday SOAP: Do not be lazy!

I got the SOAP idea from Amy at Mom’s Toolbox.


Proverbs 31:17

17 She sets about her work vigorously;

her arms are strong for her tasks.


I honestly think God is trying to tell me to stop being a lazy wife a mother. When I clean around the house it is rarely with a servants heart.


I need to make sure I pray before I do any type of housework. I need to be reminded of why I am a stay at home mom and what that entails. I have a job to do. Yea, I don’t get paid monetarily…but the payment I recieve in the littlest 2 sets of eyes is way more then money could buy. I know my husband appreciates a clean home and doesn’t want to have to deal with it when he gets home. I have been so lazy and selfish lately.


Dear Lord, please be with me while I embark on a new adventure of homemaking. Please help me in changing my selfish ways. Help me be the wife and mother you intended me to be and who my husband and children need me to be. Amen


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