Yes I have more than one disorder. lol I can’t wait until my next psych appointment. That is when he will adress my ADHD. The bipolar is being controlled pretty well with the 10mg Abilify. I’ve noticed, and hubby has noticed, a huge difference in my fuse being longer these days. It takes me 10-15 minutes before I want to blow a fuse instead of 2-3 minutes. Which gives me time to recognize what is going on and am able to calm myself down.
My ADD on the other hand is a mess. I can’t stay concentrated on one thing for more then 2 minutes. It’s horrible and frustrating at the same time. I’m in the middle of doing something and then I think or see something I need to do and I drop what I was doing to go do the other. I never get to finish anything because of this. I will admit though that yesterday was a good day for me. I cleaned the entire house. (which rarely happens)
I really hope I get some meds that work for my ADHD. I’d love to be able to keep a clean house all the time!


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