What rolls off your tongue?

Proverbs 15:28 (New Living Translation)

 28 The heart of the godly thinks carefully before speaking;
      the mouth of the wicked overflows with evil words.

James 1:19 (New Living Translation)

 19 … You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.

Bear with me. I’m blogging with a 5mo old on my lap.

Do you ever say something quickly and then regret you said it? Do you ever give advice without thinking if the other person wanted it or not? Do you fly off the handle without thinking about the other person’s point of view?

I know I have done all of these. We are to listen and speak carefully. We are to speak of wisdom and grace. I do not talk like this all the time, let alone 50% of the time. I am so bad with mouthing off and have been all my life. It is a struggle to keep my mouth in check.

These are the two scriptures I think of when I need to keep my tongue in check. What are your tongue-in-check scriptures that you remember?


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