A SkinCareRx giveaway at The Undomestic Momma

What an amazing giveaway! You could win $100 to spend at SkinCareRx. You have a chance to enter 17 times!!! I’ve never seen that many entries allowed on a giveaway before. One of the requirements is to figure out what you would spend the money on. Here are the products I would use:

M2 Skin Refinish

This products claims to lighten age spots and freckles. Since I’m approaching 30 (exactly one month to go!) I’ve noticed a few age spots and my freckles merging together. I would love to try this product and see if it really is worth it. 

Fake Bake TANtalizing Self-tanning Butter 
I SERIOUSLY need some help in the tanning department. Since becoming a mom of 2 I don’t get to just lay out and unfortunately this day and age with my husband working for the state of CA, we can’t afford for me to tan. I would love to try this product. It sounds amazing.

Jane Iredale More Lip Plumper
Again with age my lips have deflated. I need some serious help in this department and I don’t want needles anywhere near my face. Maybe this product will help.

There are thousands of other products at this website, please go to The Undomestic Momma to enter 17 times to win $100 to SkinCareRx 


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