The most awesomest website ever!!!

Yes, i know awesomest isn’t a word but I love it. lol OK so ya’ll, Executive Homemaker is a wonderful website to help you get organized, get ideas for fun activities with kids, chore charts, party ideas….a SO much more!
5 reasons this website is awesome!
1. Daily Schedule for Toddlers
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OK, so the main reason I am so excited about this website is because of this: Daily Schedule for Toddlers. She has EVERYTHING written out for the daily schedule of her little toddler. I am able to adapt it to our daily routine. She also has these adorable daily schedule pictures to print out and laminate for the visual chart for your toddler.
2. Birthday Planner
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A birthday planner…already done! I don’t know about you but this is just amazing to me. I am so bad at planning that I never know where to start. This is the perfect item for me to use when planning the next birthday party! (I have a ways, my daughter turns 1 in January ’11, my son turns 4 in April ’11)
In case you are romantically challenged or have a spouce that is, this is the article for you! It has some pretty sweet things listed! It’s also a printable list!I
4. Surprise Box
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This is an amazing idea! Here is a snippet from the description:

Simply add a bunch of old toys your child loves but no longer plays with into a bin (not clear). Put it away and only get it out occasionally, for Rainy Days, Babysitters, Sunday, etc.

 What a fun way to decide what to do next! I will be making one of these this week. I’ll post pictures later in the week. Maybe this will be Thursday’s post.

Last but definitely not least
5. You’ve Been Stared 
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How inspirational! We need more nice acts in the world. Please do this. It will bless you and the person you give it to!!
*This is my opinion and I was not compensated in any way to make this post.*

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