TWBA: Our 5 favorite children’s books

Over at My Great Retreat, our blog assignment this week is to list 5 of our favorite children’s books. If you would like to participate with us, please go to the forums and sign up! 

Dinosaur's Binkit

This book has been a tradition in our family for about 10 years. I first bought it for my neice when she was 1 (10 years ago!). It has interactive pages and a fuzzy little blanket. Eli loves this book. He has his own copy and sissy has her own copy. 

A Night Night Prayer
Sissy got this book at my baby shower. It is a very cute book and Charlie loves it.

Sesame Street Mind Your Manners!: A Pop Up Book
This is Eli’s favorite book at the moment. He loves pop up books, although he is not allowed to look at them without being supervised because he tears them apart. This is a very good book and teaches great manners.

Barnyard Dance! (Boynton on Board)
This is a fun book and both of the kids like it; especially when I get up and sing and dance to it–Eli usually joins in!

Carl's Christmas
Yes, it’s a Christmas book…it’s out all year long here. Eli loves it because there aren’t any words. It tells a story through pictures. This is one book that Eli reads to me. 🙂 It really helps him to use his story telling skills.


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