Couples’ Devotional Bible: Gen 1:1-31

I’m going to start reading through this bible. Each day they have a devotional and some questions. I will post the key scriptures for that day along with some quoted text from the devotional.
(the answers to the questions are for my personal experience. Please answer these questions for your own relationship)

Today’s verse for the day is:
God Created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. – Genesis 1:27

God’s Romance

by Tim Stafford
God’s first marriage story (Genesis 1-2) begins, like all love stories, with a problem. The chapter reverberates with the regular drumbeat of “good” as God creates the universe. But then something is unsatisfactory. Having made Adam, God discovered something “not good” (Gen 2:18). God’s society was inadequate for Adam: he needed the company of another creature. So God made a partner for Adam–Eve–and presented her to him.
Adam’s reaction was immediate and passionate. “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” In effect, Adam exclaimed, “This one is family!” He was attracted because he felt kinship.
Sometimes it is claimed that marriage offers intimate possibilities because of the differences between the sexes–the way in which male and female, as opposites, complement each other. Genesis brings a very different emphasis” It was because of their similar make-up, not because of their differences, that they were able to become intimate partners.
No code of behavior could produce this:” it was a gift from God. Something of God is seen in the unashamed nakedness of Adam and Eve. As Adam could delight in Eve because she was like him, so God finds particular delight in this man and woman because together they are like him. There is fellowship amount the three. They feel mutual kinship, and they delight in one another.

You are probably well aware of your differences. But what are some of the ways you are similar?
We are similar in that we both love God. We strive to be the people God wants us to be. We may go about that in different ways, but our end goal is the same.

How have your differences and similarities strengthened your marriage?
Our differences have made the other person think out side of the box. I think as single people we are used to having our way of thinking and that is the way that it was. When you are married, you are now one flesh with two very different minds. You may have the same end goal, but how you get there is very different and I think that makes each other think about things on a deeper level as there is now another point of view that you are having to think of.
The similarities have strengthened us because we can build off of each other. We have similar interests but one may be better at it then the other, therefore we can build our own knowledge from our spouse.

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