Happy Easter!!!

We are all sick. 😦 It started with Eli, then me, then sissy and now dh. sore throat, runny nose and fevers. So we stayed home and did our own easter. I don’t have pictures of Eli seeing his Easter basket because, well, he woke up before us and didn’t let us know. So I woke up to him drumming on the bottom of his basket. ♥ We colored eggs this morning, as NO ONE felt like doing it last night. We were all feeling especailly horrible yesterday. We are doing a little better today. Eli loved coloring the eggs, although he didn’t like it that the dye didn’t come off his hands.
Have a wonderful easter! I would love to see your Easter photos! Leave a link in the comments!
a random one of sissy
I don’t know what is going on with his left eye. It’s been there for a month or 2. I called his doc and they made an appointment later this month! :angry:
He did NOT want to wait for the egg hunt to take a picture. lol Again…we are all sickly, so no dressing up here.
The first egg he found. He was so excited. he said “i find it!!!”
It took him 5 minutes to find this egg. LOL and he was standing right there the whole time. I think I matched the egg to the plant too well.

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