Fun Friday

I’m starting Fun Friday in hopes that I may be able to inspire some families to get together and do something fun over the weekend. I know in this day and age most of us are so busy with e-mail, cell phones, video games, and what celebrity couple broke up this week; that we sometimes forget about the fundamentals of togetherness in the family. If you already have a close knit family then this will be a great opportunity to continue that closeness. If your family has an easier time plugging into the computer, instead of plugging into each other, then Fun Friday just might be what your family needs!
A few ideas for today’s Fun Friday are:
  • Game night: Alright, I know this isn’t the most original idea but what about giving it a twist. Have the youngest member choose a game, go buy a new game that your family hasn’t played before. Or go somewhere to play games; like a bowling alley, batting cages. Do something out of the norm for your family.
  • Take a community class: Cooking. Art. Guitar. Whatever it may be that interests you and your family, do it together. 
 Take time to learn knew things with your family and about your family. Get to know them as more then just mom, dad, brother or sister. Get to know who they are outside of the family dynamic.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN as a family.

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