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February 28, 2010


1 Timothy 1:14 (New International Version)

14The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

Grace. It may have different meanings for different people. Tonight I’m going to try and explain what grace means to me. To me this is one of the best undeserving gifts God can give us here on earth (aside from children). He freely gives grace to anyone who will receive it. Although in my eyes it doesn’t come without responsibility. I believe if you take grace from God, then you better be glorifying him while you are on this earth. We are not saved by grace alone. We need to make it visibly apparent in our works that we have accepted God’s grace. We need to make sure that everything we do is the inspiration of God and gives full glory to Him.

I strive everyday to show that I have accepted God’s grace. Yes, it is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Do I fail at it? Regularly. Does God hold that against me? Not if I recognize my sins and repent.

What does grace mean to you?

February 25, 2010

S.H.E.’s Organized

DSCF2269OK, so I’m not the most organized person in the world and my husband would agree with that 100%. I’ve tried several different techniques. I’m thinking that the SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) technique will work for me. It’s the Flylady notebook in a box! Here are pictures of my index card box. I also made myself a clipboard so that I can visually see what I need to get done and what has already been done. Moving the cards in the box might be sufficient enough for some people, but I need to see what I’ve done without having to look in a box. I need it out so that I can glance at it quickly to see what is next on my to-do list.
I have my morning and afternoon routines in front. Behind that I have my days.DSCF2270I have a calendar taped to the lid so that I can quickly see what day it is.  DSCF2272 This is the clipboard I made. At the top I have my to-do note cards clipped to the board. On the bottom I have my “ta-da” clip. Once I’ve done a to-do, I move it to the ta-da clip.DSCF2275
So, what works for you? Leave a comment and let me know!
February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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February 23, 2010

TWBA: 5 favorite photos of all time.

Gosh, I can’t possibly choose ONLY 5 fav photos of all time. I’ll just choose a few recent ones. 🙂 (in no particular order)

1. Our American Mastiff  “Daisy”
2. The king of the house, the prince and the princess ♥
3. The Prince when he was 9months old. January 2008

4. The Princess…3weeks old!

5. A reminder of God’s promise. 🙂
I was having a rough morning that morning. I walked outside to see a full rainbow.
I instantly cheered up, God reminded me who was in control!
What are your top five favorite pictures? Post to your blog and then come join us at My Great Retreat and share with the rest of the TWBA (This Weeks Blog Assignment) participants
February 20, 2010

I am so thankful to a friend…

who is putting together a preschool curriculum for her daughter and posting it on her blog; The Quakes in my Quiver! I wouldn’t know where to begin if it weren’t for her. She uses the WorkBox system modified.  She has it all planned out and even has pictures on her blog. Making it even more easy for me to do this with my son! Of course we are a week behind, and I still need to get everything; that is going to get done today after my 1hour Swedish massage! (Thanks to hubby and V-day!)

So, go check out April’s blog and follow along if you have a preschooler. Just make sure if you blog about your experience and are using her blog as a guideline…please link back to her and all the other site resources you end up using.

February 18, 2010

Wow, things have been busy

Big Mister was in the hospital for a few days because he had a blood infection from a kidney stone surgery he had last week. He is now home and is doing well, still not 100%, but the infection is gone.

Little Miss is 6 weeks old!!! I can’t believe it. It just seems like yesterday I wanted her out of my belly!

Little Mister is just as lively as ever!

I’m hoping to get back into the grove of things and post at least every other day. 🙂